Case Study – Matt Webb

Photograph of Matt Webb

Drone-pilot-in-waiting Matt Webb recently completed his RUSTA-approved training to operate unmanned systems safely and legally in UK airspace. Here, he shares his experience of studying on a course he recommends other aspiring drone pilots to consider.

“From day one, the communication has been personable and made me feel like RUSTA are well-organised and helpful. My initial contact was through the University of Wolverhampton and its Business Solutions Centre’s Visualisation Centre. I was given helpful advice on which drone to buy and valuable information on how the course would help me in my current situation.

Information was received in good time and RUSTA helped me whenever I had any uncertainties. The online learning platform certainly gave me a base knowledge of everything I needed to know in regards to commercial flying. I stress the word base here though, because it wouldn’t have been enough just on its own. The whole package – the course, instructors and location/facilities – is definitely something I would recommend, not just simply completing an online course.

The location was easy to find, I was welcomed very warmly and felt from the outset that it was going to be a positive course and the instructor Charlie was going to be very approachable, which was proved correct throughout the course. The facilities were perfect for what was needed including large screens for the slides and the on-site staff were helpful and welcoming.

I think that one of the main benefits of using RUSTA was the instructors having massive experience of flying as a whole, rather than just SUAVs. Their experience and knowledge shone through and really put an emphasis on the seriousness of flying a UAV. Charlie and John were both really positive throughout and knew exactly how to get things across to us.

The test and flight evaluation was designed and formatted really well. I found it challenging enough to make sure the information was firmly in my head, but I cannot stress enough how much more of this theory went into my head after the two-day course rather than just the online learning.

I ended up doing the flight evaluation a little time after the course, but Charlie was in contact to ensure I got my ops manual complete and got on the next available flight evaluation, allowing me to pass and gain the skills needed at the earliest opportunity. The flight evaluation gave me a great confidence of going out and performing to high standards commercially. I felt that Charlie went the extra mile in teaching me things that I would need to know out in the real world.

Overall, it was a really well-structured and personally presented course which was well worth completing. I’m all done now regarding my ops manual being approved and passing my flight evaluation, just awaiting my application and REC form so I can continue with my application to the CAA.”