Faculty of Health, Education and Wellbeing

The Faculty of Health, Education and Wellbeing consists of the Institute of Education, Institute of Health Professions, Institute of Psychology, Institute of Public Health, Social Work and Care, Institute of Sport and the Academic Institute of Medicine.

A recognised provider of highly skilled graduates, the Faculty of Education, Health and Wellbeing aims to transform livelihoods built from challenges across society.

Working in partnership

The Faculty of Health, Education and Wellbeing works closely with a range of high profile national and regional partners including but not limited to:

  • NHS Trusts and larger private suppliers and/or service chain including BUPA, Healthcare at Home Limited, Fitness First and Virgin Care
  • National sports bodies including The Professional Game Match Officials Limited (who officiate the Premier League), English Football League (EFL) and Football Association (FA)
  • Regional sports bodies including the Black Country Sports Partnership
  • Football clubs
  • Schools & academies
  • Voluntary and community organisations
  • Consultants from across a wide range of sectors

The Faculty also informs education ministries across Europe and the wider world and works with businesses to inform education training content for employees.  Services available to businesses include:

New product development

As an education innovator, Faculty experts are often chosen as test accelerators for new product development across a range of fields including nursing, midwifery, paramedic science, physiotherapy, initial teacher education, childhood and family studies, education studies, special educational needs, disability and inclusion studies, sport, psychology, health, public health, social work and social care.

Business and consultancy

The Faculty undertakes a wide range of bespoke business and consultancy projects including small and large scale research and consultancy with partners. Their experience and scale of expertise means they can offer more business services across a wide range of sectors and take delivery from local needs out to global market sectors.

Health and wellbeing consultancy can be integrated into your workplace as part of your companies’ organisational development for staff. Services include:

  • Tailored training programmes for companies and organisations, including master classes and professional development to meet organisational and individual needs. These can be provided at your business premises or at the University, and can offer accreditation.
  • Taster sessions on Dementia for retailers on steps to help staff who may have to deal with dementia sufferers in a retail environment.
  • The Faculty multimedia learning development team and specialist laboratory support works with external partners and service users to lead on the development of online blended and distance learning materials for business services.
  • HealthScan facility draws on qualified experts in the University creating a set of diagnostic services for organisations supporting the general population but especially sports people and those with potential health risks. Take a 360 tour on the link here.

Applied business research

PhD’s and students are available to work with your business and gain ‘real world’ experience of applied business research projects at a small cost.

Examples of work that can be carried out include feasibility studies and contributing knowledge content for software and websites related to the education, health and sport sectors.

Business and education

Health Futures University Technical College (UTC) offers educational experiences and opportunities rarely if ever seen in traditional schools and colleges. A unique partnership between Health Futures and 20 health, education and public sector organisations from across the West Midlands including the University of Wolverhampton, it combines a national qualification teaching with hands-on project learning with healthcare professionals. 14-19 year olds from across the region enjoy enviable academic and career-focused advantages that prepare them for higher education and employment.

Education, health and wellbeing advisor boards

Members are drawn from a wide range of organisations, and from a range of sectors.  As individuals, each member demonstrates knowledge sufficient to contribute to inform current and future needs to ensure that the work of the Faculty contributes to the knowledge-based economy.

Faculty of Health, Education and Wellbeing