Degree apprenticeships

If you’re looking to up skill employees or attract new talent, you can bring real benefits into your business with Higher and Degree Apprenticeships.

Part of the University of Wolverhampton, the Apprenticeship Hub can help your business to develop a workforce with higher level professional and technical skills through work-based training with costs co-funded by the government.

Higher and Degree Apprenticeships include the achievement of academic and vocational qualifications and learning up to Bachelor and Master’s degree levels.

Benefits for your business

The apprenticeship model has a number of benefits for employers. You can:

  • Develop a highly skilled, professional workforce
  • Train and upskill your current employees
  • Attract new talent, including high-calibre school-leavers
  • Create opportunities for progression within your organisation
  • Draw from a talent pool when employees leave or retire
  • Improve staff morale and experience

The Apprenticeship Hub is your one-stop destination for advice and information on all available apprenticeships.