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The key objective of a commercial organisation is to sell goods and services at a profit. For this to be achieved resources (inputs) must be acquired, transformed into outputs (goods and services) and distributed to their intended users in highly efficient and manageable ways.

There are three basic ways of doing this:

  • Use less inputs to achieve the same level of outputs
  • Use the same level of inputs to achieve higher levels of outputs,
  • Fine tune the transformation process (where your resources are being converted into finished goods and services.)

In other words, to increase productivity you need to be thinking in terms of inbound logistics, (your activities concerned with acquiring resources) operations, (your activities concerned with transforming those resources) and outbound logistics (your activities concerned with distributing your outputs.)

This one-day course takes a practical and hands-on approach to helping you ‘boost productivity within your organisation.

Part 1

What is meant by improved productivity, how can it be measured and where do I begin?

  • Productivity as a process of transformation – what are you doing and how are you doing it?
  • Telling your story through numbers – simple techniques to measure any aspect of your productivity (no prior maths skills required!)
  • Pinpointing challenges and preparing for action – identifying the “vital few” breakthroughs – a small number of actions that will drive through a significant increase in productivity over a 12 month period.

Part 2

Tried and tested techniques to improve business efficiency will be explored and applied to areas within

  • Firm infrastructure – General Management and R&D
  • Supply Chain Management – Control
  • Effective Asset Utilisation
  • Customer Service – Pre and Post sales service
  • Human Resource Development – Retention and Training