Support for products and services with the potential to reduce carbon usage

The BECCI Project benefits Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the West Midlands by providing free support in the development of products and services that reduce carbon usage. This project is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund to promote sustainable economic growth.

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Benefits for your business

BECCI supports companies to successfully implement their ideas, strategy and practical leadership in what is an unfamiliar and fast moving competitive sector. It specifically focuses on products associated with the retrofitting of housing.

It involves helping businesses develop new or improved energy efficient products, engage with housing providers in the region to support the use of more green products and give SMEs access to the latest information and knowledge on low carbon technologies. Additionally, high quality, technical support is available to:

  • Introduce companies to technology opportunities
  • Assess the company’s route to technologically based progress
  • Provide links to other companies, supply chains and universities
  • Enable a beneficiary company to identify the next steps

The BECCI project seeks to find the most appropriate support for the company partner by accessing leading technologies within the region, nationally and internationally, to add value, and benefit to the organisation’s commercial performance.