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Running a business or managing a team is no easy task. You may at times feel overwhelmed, be constantly firefighting, face daily quality issues or simply require help to grow to the next level.  This process driven seminar could be the solution you need.

Aimed at SME business owners, start-ups and team leaders, this topical seminar encourages you to develop a Process Mindset.  This systematic approach demonstrates how to take charge of your processes, adopt some of the processes used by top performers and design your own processes to put you on the winning path.

Through a combination of jargon free concepts, industry proven tools and concepts from the latest business theories, this free seminar will introduce you to:

  • An understanding of personal and business processes
  • The Business by Process methodology
  • Turning habits and routines into processes
  • How to overcome barriers to process adoption
  • The benefits of processes to you and your company

At Business by Process we have a passion for process and through the adoption of a Process Mindset we believe you can to.  By the end of the seminar you will understand how processes can be applied to many aspects of business, including: business planning, time management, continuous innovation, quality improvement and standardising work practices.

A complimentary light breakfast and refreshments will be provided at the start of the event.

There is no cost to attend but pre-registration is required.


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